Asrock z77 pro 3

is the asrock z77 pro 3 a decent board in your opinion?
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  1. Decent enough. The Extreme4 is the better option if you will be OC'ing much, though because of the extra power phases (4+1 for the Pro3 vs. 8+4 for the Extreme4).

    The Extreme4 is also SLI capable and the Pro3 isn't.
  2. not going to sli, It will be more for storage and I dont plan on over clocking much more than 4.2ghz with the 3570k i bought with it. Its going to run a surveillance system, cs6, visual studio 2008, v-machine running linux. maybe a minecraft server.
  3. Then the Pro3 will be just fine. :)
  4. I have the Pro 3 and I overclock the 2500k to 4.2GHz with no problem. I'm not sure how your usage will be affected by your choice of motherboard. I would recommend the Extreme 4 because it is a good improvement in build quality, although it's really for people who want higher CPU overclocks or SLI.
  5. yea if I get that wild hair and decide to game all of a sudden than ill just purchase a gtx 670 which at this point a gtx 480 or 460 will be plenty. I purchased a gtx 480 btw.
  6. 6870 does not work on it.
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