Need a replacement for my 4850

Hello I am on the lookout for a CHEAP replacement to my 4850, i want to spend as little as possible for a card of about the same performance.

I need it to have an HDMI out or at least an adapter like the 4850, I guess that most cards do, that can also output audio like the 4850.

These are ones I have in mind, and their prices at my local shops (I am from greece):

ATI 6750 512MB 83€ / 1GB 96€
ATI 6770 1GB 119€
ATI 5750 1GB 121€
ATI 5770 124€

NVIDIA 450 111€

I have a Preference for the ATIs and I would like your opinions on these cards, mainly if they are at about the same level as the 4850.I would be content for a 6750 512MB if itmeets the requirements..

Thanks in advance!
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  1. get the 6770. its a rebadged 5770 but its cheaper where you are shopping. I wouldnt hesitate to get it over all the other cards mentioned.
  2. Hmm i know it is the best card out of these but i am really no looking towards ant performance boost from 4850, if 6750 512mb covers my needs i will go with that.
    Thank you anyway.
  3. The HD6750 is a little faster than your HD4850.
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