Amd phenom II 965 3.4ghz help!

i just installed cpu z on my pc,and i was wandering why the core speed is sitting on 800mhz when it's supposed to be 3400mhz......sometimes it jumps between 800 to 2200 but not that normal?
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  1. Just run some program that will stress the CPU a little, and the speed will jump.
    The clock is so low because there is no need for more. With Cool and Quiet enabled, this is a way the system saves power and stays cool and quiet :)
  2. wow,tnx man was rly scared that smthing was wrong with the way what's the normal temp for my cpu when playing games?
    atm is sitting 40-50 degrees but when im playing bf3 goes up to 80
  3. 80 is too much, that's a problem. Is your heatsink and fan properly installed?
  4. yea,it's mostly sitting on 40-60 when playing wow,but when go with bf its between 70-80,and my fan/heatsink was installed by the company i bought the pc,so i don't think that's the problem...i was thinking about thermal paste change,it's probably time...around 3years now that i have this pc...
  5. Is the inside of the PC clean? If you haven't cleaned it a 3year old PC would be full of dust horribly chocking the cooling and causing over heating.
  6. i recently had it cleared from the much as i could& i don't think it's that...
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