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FTP server

Hi. i have a sandy bridge build (i3 2100) 4gb ram and 500gb HDD.

i want to know if its fine to run a ftp server- running about 40 users?

but my main thread is, what software should i use? i know linux ClearOS and Turnkey. but are there any 3rd party programs for Windows. what is the best free option for me (linux or windows)?

thank you very much
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  1. Your specs are good and will work fine for your application.

    For Windows you can use this all in one...

    Do you have experience with Linux and SFTP?
  2. yes i do have. but im still a rookie. i can learn quick if i spend time with it. then it should be no prob. what suggestions do you have>?
  3. gnomio said:

    Thanx. but that isn't for free... :( haha
  4. Im looking for sumthing like ClearOS. or Turnkey.
  5. I always used Filezilla server on my windows PC. Worked well enough for my use.
  6. Jurgens said:
    Im looking for sumthing like ClearOS.

    The Home and Enterprise versions are free so if you want ClearOS go get it. Is this just a simple storage/file push server? Im with nordlead...I use Filezilla server/client. Easy user/pw set up and highly expandable.

    This guide is what I used to install my Linux server at home a few years ago, not sure if its still good but try it.
  7. No, i want a public FTP server.
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    you can setup filezilla to be public with anonymous login. You can setup a home server to be public. I'm not sure what you are saying no to.
  9. okay. i need a public FTP with users to log in and upload/download their files...
  10. Do you have a static IP address from your ISP?
    If you don't or you don't know I would recommend you stop right there.

    As without a static IP address you'd have to tell all the users your IP everytime you reboot your router. Which will become a pain in the neck if you have 40 users.

    On the basis you have a static IP address install XAMPP (or just FileZilla), follow the installation through. Create the logins, setup home directories then just give the users the details.

    In truth if I was setting up an ftp server at my house I'd want to use a device similar to raspberry pi attached to an external HDD. That way I could leave it on 24/7 without worrying about noise or the cost.
  11. @JoeDaStudd

    You don't need a static IP. Check out for a free DNS service. My TP-Link router can actually tell whenever the IP changes.

    My home server draws 30W at idle, and is wisper silent since it is an Atom D525 with a single fan on the processor. I'm positive I could replace it with a giant heatsink if I wanted to but it isn't worth the investment and it would void the warranty since it was an all-in-one mini-ITX board.

    The rasberry pi wouldn't make a very good server. External USB2.0 is slow and the Ethernet is limited to USB dongles or 10/100Mbps. It would be really cheap (if it is actually $35 for the Ethernet enabled version), but you'd be limited to a single external HDD without shelling out more cash for hubs.
  12. i have a dyndns free DNS name.. so thats no prob. i run my own wow server for just me and my friends. but it seems im strugling with the FTP... sigh

    i dont care about the fan, power, or what so ever. its for a buisness where i work. i want to make a FTP for all the employees. where they can upload work. (word files and excel) and download them. where ever they want... catch my rithel?

  13. nordlead, never heard of them before but it looks perfect. Could have saved myself a lot of hassle with a few projects.

    Even at 100mbs its more then enough for a ftp server as your limited by download and upload speeds of the users.

    TC see this tutorial
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