[Asus] 2nd Asus P8P67 Pro to fail in 2 Months!? Please help!

Okay. I'm going crazy! Just had my 2nd motherboard failure in 2 months. Here' the story:

At the end of June, I was browsing the internet and suddenly my computer just turned off without notice. I tried to power it back on and it wouldn't. I pulled the power plug, reset the BIOS jumper and plugged it back in. When I plugged it back in the power LED on the motherboard lit up. Once I hit the power button, some of the fans and other lights started to turn on momentarily but then turned off right away. I borrowed a friend's PSU and CPU and switched them out --- no change. I finally RMA'd the motherboard. The replacement board came back and booted just fine, but I was getting BSODs in Win 7 after a minute or two. Then it got worse --- I couldn't even boot. I finally went out and purchased another Intel Core i5-2500k processor and it fixed everything. So basically I had a BAD motherboard and a BAD CPU. In all my years with computers I have never had an ASUS motherboard or an Intel CPU fail. Crazy that they happened both at the same time. I'm assuming that the motherboard went bad and took out the CPU with it. Everything worked up until a few days ago when BINGO --- the athing happened! I was inserting a CD and the computer just turned off. Same problem as before --- can't get it to turn back on. I just went out and purchased a brand new OCZ ZT - 750 watt power supply.I was using the same ~3 year old Antec New Power 650w as when the problem happend previously. Perhaps the power supply is acting strange at random times and fine at other times?

At this point, I have no clue what is causing this. I was doing a mild but safe overclock at 4.5ghz with very reasonable temps and volts. I had previously stress tested everything multiple times using various methods and never had any issues.

Besides the PSU, could the memory or video card be burning up my motherboard/CPU?

This is crazy! Please help if you have any ideas!

Asus P8P67 Pro 3.1 w/ latest 3207 Bios
Intel i5-2500k @ 4.5ghz
8GB 1600mhz DDR2 G-Skill RipJaw (F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL) - QVL'd Memory
Power Color AMD Radeon HD 6870 PCI-E Video Card
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  1. Possibly the "mild but safe" overclock of a 3.3GHZ processor to 4.5GHZ with stress testing?
  2. I mean maybe but why would it be killing the MOTHERBOARD? If I was pushing the CPU too hard wouldn't the CPU start to fail?
  3. gbruyn said:
    I mean maybe but why would it be killing the MOTHERBOARD? If I was pushing the CPU too hard wouldn't the CPU start to fail?

    Normally, yes. A too high O/C should simply cause a BSOD or reboot or shut down. But if some component (capacitor? VR?) went out, it could have damaged the CPU too. Or it may not be either one causing the damage. It might be the original PSU isn't regulating the voltage correctly. Spiking. Is the new PSU allowing everything to work OK?
  4. I can't get anything to boot or post. I have to RMA my board again but I'm trying to get to the bottom of the problem in the meantime. Just nuts that the same scenerio has happened twice! I'm not sure my CPU is burned out (have to wait until I get the RMAed motherboard). Just goes round and round. I do know that I'm NOT going back to the old PSU.

    I've got a XIMATEK cooling tower and it has this metal mount that sticks to the bottom of the board. I've used it on a few motherboards now and the sticky things are getting a little worn down. Perhaps it's shorting the motherboard out randomly? Ever heard of that?
  5. Stress testing deliberately overheats the components.
    This shortens the life of said components.
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