Intel Xeon Prossessor ? Scrap only ?

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I have found an Intel Xeon Processor E5506 LGA 1366. Which type of motherboard and memory can I use ? Without problem. Intel says max memory 800Mhz DDR3. I can't find such type of memory, any more. Can I use some other DDR-3 memory for this processor ? or a special motherboard, that makes it possible to use higher than 800mhz DDR3 (PC3-6400) Simms ? Or are this Xeon multiprocessor scrap already ? Are someone interested in buying it ? The processor seem to works fine on every socket 1366 motherbord I have tested it on. But I cant find the right memory. So no complete system, and no fun :)
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  1. What memory was installed in the systems that you used to test the CPU? Faster modules will run at 800MHz and that isn't an issue. You can use any motherboard that supports that CPU.
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