Need help finding best card for my limited space

Hello,I know very little about upgrading my computer. I was given this computer as a gift. It is an HP pavilion elite e9120y with a Pegatron M2N78-LA motherboard. My father has a spare 500 watt corsair power supply I can have if I find a card worth purchasing. My budget is around $200. Im very afraid to buy anything without help because I am aware that my space is limited.Im sorry in advance for anything I may have left out of the description. Thanks
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  1. Try the GTX 560Ti or the GTX 550, they are quite compact cards.

    AMD cards tend to be a little longer than Nvidia equivalents.
  2. Hi

    Smallest i could find to fit in my dell 531 was Palit GTS450 1gb DDR3 single slotish.

    DDR3 but seems to play Crysis 2 ok although fan gets a little noisy under load.

    Cheers Kev :sol:
  3. I should have mentioned that I currently have a Galaxy GT240 512mb ddr5. It is a pretty short card but will not play The Witcher 2 which I just got. This game is the reason I want to upgrade now. The GTX 550 may be the best that I can fit in there.

    Here is a link to my motherboard.

    Thanks for taking the time to help me. I would be quite lost.
  4. GTX550 generally seems to still be quite a large card and i think is only little better than the GTS450 and GTS450 is twice as good as GT240 looking at the charts;)

    Galaxy GTS450 (KFA2 over here) was my second choice i think that was with 512mb DDR5 but couldnt get them to confirm overall dimensions.

    Just watch the sata ports (bottom right)

    Cheers Kev :sol:
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