PCI video card on 250 watt psu needed for old dell b110 machine.

Need a grahics card for a dell B110. It has a celeron 2.4 ghz, 512mb of ram, and only 250 watts in the psu, and uses regular pci slots, and currently the video adapter is a inter-grated intel on board. do not need one to run modern games. just need an upgrade. this is my brother's computer. it lags when using mozilla or any other internet broswer when watching some higher quality you-tube videos, and when there is some advertisements that use flash. Pretty sad actually.

And I need a card that can run WarCraft III. me and my bro would like to play some lan games just for the hell or it (he hardly plays any other games). but currently it has to run the game on the lowest settings.

Do not see a need to update any other components like a new psu or new ram. just remember this card is not needed for modern games. this is for watching high quality videos with less lag, and to play games like counter strike 1, and warcraft III.

was thinking of upgrading to this card:

What do you guys think? I thought this was a decent one because it was cheap and probably does not require much watts. But I am willing to spend 15 dollars more if the card will give a significant improvement. will like to only pay 30 dollars or less. this is a pci card that is needed (not express), and on a 250 watt psu.

here is a link to the full specs of this dell b110:
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