Hackintosh with a twist.

I'm looking to build my own hackintosh and understand that I am limited to specific parts. What I want is the ability to have 2 separate 1 TB hard drives one that boots into snow leopard (or lion though snow leopard will do the trick) as well as one that will boot windows 7. I'd prefer to do the bootcamp version of the hold down alt at start up process though I know there are boot loaders for win7. I also want to have a ssd that is like 64gb for certain mac applications IE logic pro and adobe suite.
I'm looking for a base of around 1400 dollars. I do not need a monitor or any peripherals. I also need a solution for the airport so let me know what would work. I just am curious if I follow a guide like the lifehacker hackintosh if I could just boot windows 7 after the fact on a different hard drive and have everything work.
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  1. Hello leathalurker;

    Bootload Manager: EasyBCD
    I haven't used this with OSX but I use it with just about everything else.

    For the Hackintosh hardware you're probably better off following one of the known good configurations you can find on the 'Net.
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