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CPU fan connector

I am replacing my cpu fan. It has a 3 pin connector and I bought a new cpu fan with a 4 pin connector. The instruction manual shows that the 4 pin should work in the 3 pin on the mother board. AFter installation, it start and I can see the light inside the fan lights up and the fan spin a bit but then it stop spinning and the system shut down saying the cpu fan fail. I suspect the 4 pin connector is the problem. Anyway to work around that or just the fan problem.
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  1. move it over one pin. so that the other side has the unused pin hole.
  2. Not sure how it is connected, but if it doesn't work like farrengottu said you might be able to turn it around and get another two possible connections out of it.
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    The extra pin (pin 4) is for PWM.
  4. Thank you for your help. The new 4 pin fan should work with the older 3 pin connector on the mother board. Hairystuff is correct, the 4th pin is for the PWM. So I guess the fan is not working and I will return it.
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