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Hey Guys, I'm building a new rig for my birthday with my birthday money. I've pulled together some parts that I want to show you, and need advice on if it's good, compatible, and if you can make it any better for the price please do.

Budget: 630$

Ram 4 GB RAM: 25$ with coupon
Hard Drive (500 GB) 40$

Sata cable: 3.50$

Video card 180$ with rebate
Case 45$ after mail in rebate and discount

Power Supply: 65$ after rebate

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 100$

-50$ microcenter deal
-20$ first time buyer bonus from newegg

Processor: 155$
Microcenter mobo: 100$ after rebate


Total: 610$
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  1. I suggest utilizing dual channel instead of single channel.
    It costs a little bit more but it'll be better for the speeds as it's in a way distributed between the two stick instead of one.

    Or go cheaper and get DDR3 1333. $25
    1333 to 1600 is virtually no difference at all.

    Save some money and get this card.
    You won't see a huge difference from Vapor-X to this.

    Is there Microcenter close to you locally?
  2. Yeah, 10 minutes away. Microcenter has the mobo+CPU deal going on too.
  3. Get this CPU instead. It'll be better than the 1090T
    Get this motherboard to pair with it.
    According to the ad, the motherboard would be discounted $40 instore.

    As for i5 2400 vs 1090T
  4. The reviews for the mobo have bad reviews on newegg....I'm skeptical. ANy others azn?

    Thanks alot so far
    There are 2 reviews out of 8 that say it is bad. But THG recommends the product. I think it's a solid board. You won't have to worry about those DOA problems or the issues those 2 faced since you're buying from a local store. Most of the time, returning the product would be as easy as that with no questions asked.

    But if you really doubt it, this would be the next board I'd recommend.
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