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ASRock z77 Pro 3 Questions about Graphics n Fans

Manual (under Graphics) states:

"Pixel Shader 5.0, DirectX 11 with Intel Ivy Bridge CPU.
Pixel Shader 4.1, DirectX 10.1 with Intel Sandy Bridge CPU
- Max. shared memory 1760MB "

1. I have a Sandy Bridge. Does this mean I can only use DirectX 10, and not 11?

2. If I had a 2 GB video card would I be able to utilize all 2GB or is 1760MB the max?

I have a front and rear fan. They are connected to the motherboard by CHA_FAN 1 and 2. I was
thinking of adding a small side fan. How would I connect it to the motherboard? There is no
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    1. no idea but that's what the manual said, i guess you can only use directX 10 but i think this is for the integrated graphics.

    2. Yes you would because again, i think 1760mb is for the igp.

    3. you could connect it with a molex adapter bu you wouldn't be able to control the speed, unless you buy a fan controller that you put in a 3.5 5.25 bay like this one :
  2. What is "Power Fan Connector" "PWR_FAN 1" ?

    I'd rather not use a molex adapter.
    I'm now realizing the limitations with a cheaper mobo.
  3. envy14tpe said:
    What is "Power Fan Connector" "PWR_FAN 1" ?

    I'm now realizing the limitations with a cheaper mobo.

    I don`t really know since my board is probably cheaper than your's but judging by the name it should power the fan but not control it i think.
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