I upgraded my TV box to an i7, leaving me with a Phenom II x4 955 lying around. My youngest son is running my old Q6600 (OC @ 3.2GHZ) setup and I was wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade his rig with it? He plays lots of games. I'd hate to have to tear his rig apart and reload windows if its not gonna make much difference. I allways left the X4 @ stock, but will OC it if I put it in my sons comp.
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  1. What resolution is he playing at? If its 1080p buy him a 6950 or a 560ti and stick it in there. Will get the same fps with both setups.
  2. He plays @ 1680x1050 (max res of his 22" monitor on a GTX285). I don't want to spend any money, just want to know if the 955 overlocked will be worth upgrading his Q6600 (OC@3.2GHZ). I seen that chart from Anandtech earlier (from a google search), I forgot to ask in my OP if the 955 will be as good or better than the Q6600 overclocked. Not sure what I can pull out of that 955 as I havent ever OC it. I just want to make sure im not taking a step backwards or wasting my time.
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  4. Thanks, will do!
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