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Hey guys,

I bought a GTX 560Ti for myself based on your suggestions. Haven't tried it yet. Maybe tomorrow as I am all tired.

I am getting an HD 6950 2GB reference version for one of my friends tomorrow. He has a Phenom II x4 970 CPU with MSI NF980 motherboard.

He does not plan to crossfire or SLI as he does not believe in that because he always prefers single cards and then change it when the new cards come in and the current one's start to show their age.

He will probably get a Sapphire or an XFX reference HD 6950 2GB version. (maybe xfx for their warranty).

So I had one question for all of you. I will be helping him unlock it but not to a 6970. Will only be unlocking the shaders out of it. So how much more performance will he get if he unlocks the shaders out of a HD 6950 compared to a stock 6950.
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  1. About 3-5% lower than the actual 6970.
  2. So is it worth flashing an HD 6950 to unlock its shaders only. Will it make any difference. Or should I just leave it as it is because my friend does not want to flash it with a 6970 bios because he is all scared.
  3. Yes!, It is 6970 is roughly the same performance as a GTX 570. Well, but at the end, if the card is working fine for your uses, then just wait until the card struggles to run something that you want. As of now I think a 6950 2gb should not be struggling with anything out there yet.
  4. That way you can still use the warranty offered no risk, just knowing that you have that performance dormant.
  5. Flashing from what i have read, works well, but longevity might be an issue. keep it at 6950 imo, its worth having peace of mind if it goes defunct
  6. Simply overclocking the 6950 will give it a bigger boost than only unlocking the shaders.

  7. If I just decide to unlock the shaders, will the warranty still be applicable on the card.
  8. Ya, i agree, unlock the shaders and OC instead. The bios switch is a nice safety net for the process, although it works on non reference cards too.
  9. will the warranty still be applicable on the card if i unlock the shaders.
  10. irfan88 said:
    will the warranty still be applicable on the card if i unlock the shaders.

    If you save the original bios and flash it back before you try to return it, I'm not sure they can tell.
  11. One last question bystander. If you had to choose between a GTX 560Ti and a HD 6950 2GB for a single card, which one would you choose.

    The reason why I am asking is I just bought a 560 Ti yesterday. I haven't even unboxed it. I am going to buy a HD 6950 for one of my friend today. So considering that 2GB would be future proof and as all the high end graphic cards released have more than 1gb of memory on them. Should I get a replacement on the GTX 560Ti for a HD 6950 2GB version because if I try to find another 560 Ti say after 2 or 3 years, i am sure that they would be out of stock because I just enquired with 6 to 7 dealers in my country(India) and they say that even the GTX 200 series or the HD 4000 series are not available as their production has been stopped. So I am sure that I cannot find another 560 after 2 or 3 years.
  12. Well, both are good cards. You already have it, so I'd go ahead and use it. There isn't a big difference between the two, and it does appear, by your avatar, that you like Nvidia.

    You already said you probably won't go SLI when you replace it next, so it's not a big deal.
  13. then should I get the HD 6950 or the GTX 560 Ti itself for my friend. He is ok with anything.
  14. It might be easier if you both had the same card. Then you both are equal and can more easily troubleshoot any problems. It also may solve the possible problem of not being able to SLI in a couple years if the cards become discontinued. One of you can upgrade to something new and the other can SLI the older cards.
  15. he bought the 6950. Well, that's alright. I have installed the GTX 560 Ti in my case. It is an Asus Direct CU II model. I think I will be happy with it if it will last me 2 years and then I will probably SLI another card or get a new one if the 560 is not available.
  16. Mate, i bought 2 reference asus 6950s in xfire, I have flashed them to the sapphire 6970 bios. My 3dmark advantage score from the 6950 standard was - 30411 and with the 6970 flash it was 34951 so a fair increase. I also overclocked them , its worth it. :D
  17. Hey, I ran the GPU Z with the GTX 560 Ti and it shows that it is running on PCI E 1.1 at x8 speed. whereas it should be PCI E 2.0 at x8. My motherboard is asus m4n75td.
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