Very Strange PC to Vizio HDMI Freeze Issue


I have searched for hours on this forum and in other places and cannot seem to find anybody else with the same issue that I am having, so I hope someone with more knowledge than I can help me here.

I have a Vizio 22" HDTV with HDMI and a PC with a generic ATI 5770 video card. I connected the two using VGA and it works okay, but the picture quality was wrought with shadows and dull colors, so I wanted to upgrade and use the HDMI connection.

Upon initial connection using HDMI, the picture looks stunning, no complaints. Then, after a few minutes, no matter what I am doing on the PC, the TV picture (not the PC) freezes and then a crazy "light show" begins. It starts at the top of the screen and cascades down the screen until the entire screen is filled with flashing and changing pixels of every color. The TV will not respond to any commands. The only remedy is to press the power button on the TV, and after a delay it will power off. When powered back on it works fine for a few minutes and then it eventually freezes again.

The freeze occurs at various time intervals. Usually after just a few minutes, sometimes it takes hours before it happens. It seems random.

I tried a different HDMI cable, same result.

I connected the Vizio to other HDMI sources (DVD player, Digital cam dock) and it never does the freeze, so the HDMI port isn't defective.

To test the video card, I connected the PC to my 42" Hitachi LCD HDTV with HDMI and it never causes any freezing issues.

It would appear it's just a specific issue between this particular Vizio TV and the 5770 video card.

I have the latest ATI drivers installed and I couldn't find any specific Vizio drivers for the TV.

My best guess is something causes the data stream from the PC to the TV to loose it's "handshake" and it just starts producing garbage and locks up the processor in the TV, but that's just a guess because my understanding of HDMI is pretty basic.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I hate to go back to using VGA, but if I can't figure this out I may not have a choice.

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.

Tall Tom
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  1. Doesn't anyone know what I can do to fix this issue?
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