Wireless setup for 18,000 square feet home

this is a very good client of mine, recently got this huge mansion

he needs me to set up a wireless network that covers the ENTIRE property, patio, pool area, 2 1/2 stories


what is the BEST industrial wireless solution that can cover the house without having to go the route of destroying walls in order to put in cabling

they currently have a 20.00 MBPS cable connection

its upgradable to 105.00 MBPS though

please help!!
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  1. Look into bridge repeaters. They are not cheap; however, they allow you to connect to next closes one wirelessly.

    Or you could use a regular router and use DD-WRT firmware to convert the router to a bridge repeater. Find a router you like and look it up on their Database. It will show if it can be converted.


    usually you would run network cables between network equipment and Access Points.

    how about calling around locally,see if someone is willing to come out to look at it and give you a free estimate?
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