Cannot boot in windows

last night i was tranfering a movie from my laptop to my pen drive

and towards the end it hard froze (mouse not moving) so i hard off (hold power button) when i rebooted i thought i should reformat the pen drive and give it another try.

towards the end of the reformation it froze AGAIN...

so i had to again do a hard off.... only this time when i rebooted i got a BSOD, i tryed to hit f10 (windows recovery) files seems to try and load but it goes to black screen (waited 30 mins) then i tryed to create recovery disk and boot off it.

got in windows recovery but no help there, cmd promt dons''t see my windows partition, diskpart says i have no disk connected automacticaly fix error says cannot, i can\t even run the memory check took !!!

anyone please ? this is a brand new vaio z laptop.... less then 1y old ...
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  1. Does this happen at any other time than when transferring data to the USB drive? Does the USB drive work properly with other computers?
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