Battlefield crashing after updating graphics card

Hello guys,

My system i5 760, M/B P7P55-M, 4GB Ram, Power supply 775W, Thermaltake Cooler, 1TB Samsung 5400 RPM.

Yesterday I upgraded from ATI HD 5770 to ATI HD 6950 2GB, and now Battlefield 3 crashes all the time, before I could run it in medium resolution. I run smart doctor, catalyst control centre and in all my new graphics card is fine. Other less demanding games like Starcraft 2, counter strike source are running fine.

My question is, what could be doing this? is the M/B not supporting this graphics card. I already had problems as the BIOS is not recognizing the 8GB I installed last weekend.

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (i'm sure).

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  1. Most of all users waiting for game updates...
    That is game company problem.
    That's why i can not give up my 5770...
    Newer AGP out there, game company must make better patch fast but they are not~ lazzzzy~
    Other games are working fine so your pc system don't have any problem. ".";
  2. I really don't know what is going on with these game makers , first there is Rage being released with all kinds of texture problems and now Battlefield with everybody complaining about game crashes. The problems are not just happening to low end computers , it's high end machines that are also having problems. So they are basicly releasing games that are not ready and if they didn't try to put so much content into the game they wouldn't be stressed to get the game released on time or before it is ready. So at this point I would say it's not your machine or any parts in your machine rather it's the game so be on the lookout for patches.
  3. does your system crash on other games at about the same rate? I'm thinking maybe faulty Video ram or something along those lines if it crashes in all games. Otherwise it would just be the specific game.
  4. Thanks guys, today I played for 30 minutes until I was timed-out in the server, so looks like it is a game issue, at least I save some ££.
    Thanks again
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