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Well basically i want to build a "lanbox", and use my parts from current PC. Since i don't have any clue about shuttles or whatsoever, thats why i'm asking you guys for advice, it will be mainly used for gaming/pc will be in use alot.

My current setup:
Mainboard S-1155 ASUS P8P67 Pro, ATX
CPU INTEL Core i5 - 2500K, 3,30GHz, LGA1155, Quad-Core, Boxed
PSU ATX 650 Watt, CORSAIR 650TX, 80Plus
GFX CARD ATI HD4850 512mb&256bit
G.Skill DIMM 4 GB DDR3-1600 Kit (F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM, Ripjaws-Serie) CL7 8-7-24
DVD-+R/-+RW SATA LG GH-22NS50, bulk,
HDD SATA II Samsung SpinPoint F4, 320 GB, 16MB Cache
Miditower XIGMATEK Midgard
Mugen 2 CPU Cooler

I want to get a new GFX card aswell, was thinking about 560Ti twinfrozer, not sure yet, gonna have to take a look, but it should be able to fit a card similliar to that.

Another question about cooling/temps and so on, i will be using the pc alot and mainly for gaming aswell and ofcourse i will OC it, so a question about temps, you can't really fit a big cpu cooler like mugen 2 in it, so how does it work, won't temps get rly high?

As i got to know that i will probably need a matx board, so i'm in need of a new motherboard aswell.

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  1. a small case won't handle high temps too well typically. you may want to look at the silverstone fortress ft03 and customize it with a lan handle or two on top.
    CPU cooler clearance: 167mm - scythe mugen just MIGHT fit,, if you have it laying around (looks like you do) you can dry fit after you get case, if you don't have one, perhaps look at something a tiny bit smaller

    personally the 560ti is a nice card i think, but other peeps may say otherwise. the fortress can handle a 5870, so i'm sure you're good on alot of different cards.
    Graphics card dimensions supported: 349mm long, dual-slot

    you will need a micro atx board GIGABYTE GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 would be nice or anything else you like that size.

    to complete the system you would need a slim slot DVD or Bluray drive
    and optional would be to switch to a SSD as alot of moving around will be harder on your drive, at least make sure you mound the HDD on rubber mounts.

    temps should be in acceptable range, but honestly it is hard to say until you do it.

    here is a review (i have it linked to the temp page)
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