New PSU no cable for Motherboard now videocard wont work

I have an old rig for my cosin. I installed a new PSU but to my surprise there was no 3 prong cable to plug into the motherboard near the AGP slot to give it power like the old PSU had. so now the videocard wont work.

I baught a new videocard it has a 4 prong power port on it for power from a PSU like the HDD's have and what not... Will the new one work since its power is dirrectly on the videocard? or will the Motherboard need power for the AGP slot to work as well?

Thank you for any Advice I may recieve.

Oh and the pc runs just fine all fans run etc.. just no display and that i think was the problem. Still waiting on the new video card to be shipped from
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  1. that is the videocard i ordered. on the manual though on the site it says 4pin power needed. but on the site specs it says 6 pin i have both coming out of my power supply so im fine right?

    Im really worried... does that mean my motherboard needs a 6pin connector on it or that the card itself has a 6pin input on it? because my motherboard does not have a 6 pin connector on it... sigh im worrying myself alot i do not want to have to replace the motherboard :(....

    to clear up the confusion. my old videocard did not have any kind of pwer connector on it i just plugged it into the AGP slot and it worked.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1024&bih=677&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=2113985387835882651&sa=X&ei=5FXuTZGyA8G90AGAm6XeAw&ved=0CEgQ8wIwAA <------- my old card new card link at top of post.

    I recently changed the powersupply for a new one more power. and it does not hvae a connector the old PSU had to plug into a 3 prong port on the motherboard near the AGP slot. it has a 6 prong coming out of the PSU which I thought was for PCI-E cards etc..

    So ofocurse my old card will no longer power up. I went to and ordered a new videocard. It says it requires a 4prong cable for power from the PSU which i have plenty of. But on the newegg website it says ,,

    RAMDAC 400 MHz
    Max Resolution 2560 x 1600
    RoHS Compliant Yes
    CrossFireX Support No
    Cooler With Fan
    System Requirements
    Minimum 400W or greater system power supply
    Power Connector 6 Pin <---- this is what im talking about
    Dual-Link DVI Supported Yes
    HDCP Ready Yes

    yet in the pictures it shows a 4 port on the videocard itself im very confused...
  2. That card clearly has a 4-pin molex power connection on it. The specs on Newegg are wrong. There will be no other connections to the motherboard.
  3. I hvae a DFI NF3 250GB MOBO i know old hehe but its for my little cousin. so anyways thanks for the reply. here is the situation. I have a 350 watt Antec PSU pretty old like 5+ years or more. The video card when inserted wont give a signal to the monitor it will power up fans run etc.. but no post screen no booting of the PC no beeping at all.

    I have reset the Cmos I have reseated the Ram. I have even updated the bios.

    with the old card it boots up fine to post. it says a 400watt PSU is required to run the video card. So I went out and got a Antec 450 watt. it wont even power up the system it spins the fan for half a second then stops each time power is pressed. I thought the PSU was defective because my old 350 watt works fine. just not with the video card we just bought. I dont know which one it is anymore... so i returned the 450 and got a 500 watt antec no expenses were saved. spent 140 bucks for it... anyways... what could be wrong?

    no I havent tested the 500 watt one yet but if it doesnt want to boot with it then what the frak is going on ?_? I dont think its the card works in my own PC ..

    crappy thin is i cant run my pc off onboard video.. it has NONE yay for DFI failure.... If it had it i would load up windows and see if it found new hardware etc...
  4. bah problem solved... i hate replacing PSU's the one i got in place of the defective 450 antec works fine now... PC is running fine thanks anyways if anyone else replys...

    it seems that the one i had bought was infact a cheap bad antec model... sooo i wont be going cheap again when i need a PSU.. it was only 50 bucks where the one 50 watts more is $140.00 go figure...
  5. Where are you shopping that a 500 watt antec costs 140 bucks?
  6. local store didn't think it was that bad till my friend told me... i found it cheaper at staples for 89.00 so i took it back and they gave it to me for the same price so.. still confused why the 450 watt diddnt work even after exchanging it 2 times for the same one.... bad batch maybe...

    whats worse is i had to fuss with the darn video card for 7 hours figuring out why it was making my CPU stick at 80%+ found out its stupid HD audio driver was conflicting... disabled it and poof problem went away .... after uninstalling reinstalling etc...

    more trouble then it was worth but.. live and learn i guess.
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