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I have an Acer 946GZT-AM V:1.0 motherboard. I will be using an Intel Core 2 X6800 on it and a Radeon HD 4670. Can In run 4GB of PC6400 memory on this motherboard? 2GB on each slot.
Thank you
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  1. Typically, any computer can run 4GB of memory, if you have 32 bit windows, it will only see 3.5GB or so though.

    Is there a reason that you think you cannot?
  2. I will be running windows 7 64 bit. The reason I ask is because I contacted Acer and they could not tell me the specs on the motherboard because they wanted the DNIC number or something from the desktop case. My friend was using memory that was faster than 800mhz on it but is was only 2gbs.
  3. Does this look like your motherboard:

    It's very likely that isn't your motherboard, unless acer's model number matches the motherboard model number. If it is though, it does support up to 4GB. In reality, it's likely that any motherboard from that era (core2duo) will support 4GB (2x2GB).

    If you can find the model number (these are often printed somewhere on the motherboard), it would be easier to confirm that it will work with 4GB, but I would be suprised if it did not.

    Be sure you get the proper ram type (DDR2 should be correct for that era). If you get PC6400 (800Mhz) be aware the memory may not run at that speed, the speed the ram actually uses is tied in with the motherboard, but the RAM is capable up to 800MHz. You maybe able to save a few dollars getting slower ram, but you don't want to go lower than what your motherboard is running.
  4. Go to one of the ram vendor web sites, such a Kingston, Corsair, G.skil and access their ram configurator.
    Enter your motherboard/model info, and you will get a list of compatible ram kits.
  5. Yes that is the motherboard. I will be buying Gskill 4GB(2GB each) DDR2 PC6400.
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