CPU Temperature

Have anyone use "Core Temp" software???

I'm currently using this it reliable....??
and is this software actually measure the CPU temperature???

because my PC is often hibernated by this software.....

I like to know the actual safe temperature for CPU...can somebody help me??
I also want to upgrade the cooling system on my it necessary....??
currently I'm only using pre-installed CPU fan....and GPU fan only.... :na:
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  1. Core Temp is the most accurate software I've seen to date. Other software sometimes gives inaccurate radings.

    The CPU maker lists the max operating temp for each model CPU in their Tech Documents on their website.
  2. I'm using CoreTemp right now. I don't think it's accurate in the display of the clock speed of the processor (even under load, such as having 5 instances of batch converting WAV files to MP3, I still see 0.2 for 200 MHz - I'd expect that when idling, not with 60% CPU usage). As to the accuracy of the temps, that I don't know, though they do make sense (I've seen them get to just shy of 70C during that conversion).
  3. I already do a little search in the internet....

    but there are too many different opinion...
    some says around 60 ish...and some 70 ish...
    and some also says that actually hardware can handle around 90 ish without crashing..

    for my PC... sometimes its reach around 60-70++ when I play games like mass effect 2, assassin's creed :brotherhood...

    and the idle temp is about 38-45 degree Celsius...

    is it normal???
  4. core temp is accurate you could compare with this one
  5. 38 to 45 for idling is only slightly high and is what I generally get. When under load, 70 is okay, though a bit high. When temps start getting pushing 80, you should be concerned. Usually, processors reduce their clocks when heat gets too high to protect themselves.
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    CoreTemp is accurate for temperatures - as are RealTemp and CPUID's Hardware Monitor (recommended). You can get one of the others to crosscheck if you'd like.

    Use CPUID's CPU-z to watch frequency and other pieces of information.

    Your temps are NOT a problem. You can drive your cpu at 100% using Prime95 Stress Test, and CPUID's Hardware Monitor to watch the temperatures. As long as the core temps level off before hitting 80C, you're OK. If you hit 80C, a better cooler and/or case may be needed for long-lasting 24/7 use. Nothing you run will drive your cpu as hard as this test.

    You can download the latest versions of all the utilities mentioned from here:
  7. thanks...I feel so relieved now... :D :D :D
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