Need troubleshooting help, 5850 problems,

Yesterday, my computer powered off playing Rise of Nations, a longtime favorite of mine, but being an older game, (2003), it isn't the most demanding game in the way of computer resources. When it turned back on, the BIOS did not restart, and the display showed "input not connected". The only difference i can see is that the GPU, my XFX Radeon 5850 is blowing out lots of air and being very loud. Is the fact that the BIOS doesn't start up mean that its the cpu or motherboard? Or is the GPU causing this problem.

Lastly, what's the standard procedure for checking for hardware problems? I've never had to deal with this before.
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  1. Sorry, should have posted this in the first place, but here are my specs:

    i7 920 clocked to 3.49 GHZ,
    MoBo: EVGA X58 LE SLI, (Intel x58 Chipset),
    Memory: 6GB DDR3 1600 MHz Mushkin Silverline Performance Series
    PSU: 1000W TechNPS, (forget the model)
    GPU: 1 XFX ATI Radeon 5850
  2. so your computer wont POST at all , but the fans start spinning?
  3. Yes, the fans still run. And the LED's go too, so it shouldn't be the power supply.
    I have a backup GPU card to plug in, but i don't think that it should interfere with the BIOS should it?
  4. and nothing appears on the monitor?

    if thats the case then Id say " try a new monitor " and/or cable
  5. So far I've tried 2 HDMI cables, and the monitor still works with my XBOX. Unless it's just the HDMI port that isnt working, but the GPU shouldn't be making more noise.
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