Hi guys
i built a pc around a week ago and it all seems well..... pentium G620 and gigabyte H61MA-DV2 mobo... anyway i have the front audio plugged into the hd audio header on the motherboard so i can use my headphones instead of having to use the rear heaphone socket everytime
however i went to plug in the speaker cable today and as soon as the realtek audio manager confirmed this i got a bluescreen..... is this because i have the front audio plugged in to the motherboard header (HD audio ) or is it driver related ( which it shouldnt be since no problems occured when i installed the realtek audio drivers
another cause ive read about is knocking the hdmi cable from the graphics card... and from all accounts this can cause bluescreens
under normal circumstances i would be worried however since the bluescreen everything seems fine ... games run ok and no other problems
any idea,s what caused the bluescreen
any help will be much appreciated
cheers guys
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  1. I'm no expert, just throwing out ideas. Maybe the headphone port on the front of the case is not hd audio compatable. Or you need to make sure everything connects properly. Have a look here


    Do your speakers have there own power supply. Maybe it is drawing too much power. Possibly get a better power supply with higher watts
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