Hi guys
i recently purchased a acer aspire x3200 desktop pc for my has a triple core phenom 8550,4gb ddr2 ram... a NVIDIA® GeForce® 8200 chipset motherboard and a 1 terrabyte sata II HDD
however it has a pci-express x16 bus for adding low profile cards but the problem being is theres only a 220w psu... which as both you and i know isnt much when it comes to upgrading your graphics...... however i have a "palit geforce 8400gs " still in its box and i need to know will this be ok with just the 220w psu.... i dont want to blow up the 220w psu as they are expensive to replace ( around £90 ) .....
also when looking at the specs for the x3200 at : .... and you will notice the x3200 also supports "hybrid sli " and for anyone who,s not familiar with this it basically allows you to run a dedicated gpu with the onboard gpu.... and in a similar way to normal sli this gives better performance in games and applications ect
however i checked in the x3200 bios and the " hybrid sli" option is greyed out,so it looks like its not supported on my wifes pc....this may be fixed by a bios update or it may be greyed out because no dedicated card is installed..( so it will become active when i install the 8400gs )
so my questions are as follows :
1) will the geforce 8400gs be ok with the 220w psu ?
2) why is the hybrid sli option greyed out ?
below is a image of the motherboard in the acer aspire x3200 :

and heres the palit geforce 8400gs

any help will be much appreciated
cheers guys
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  1. An 8400GS is a low power card that will run on a 220w PSU and a decent PSU can be had for a lot less than £90.
  2. I have a Gigabyte MOBO that has Hybrid Sli. I was using it as a home theater PC. I had a GeForce 9800gtx in it. The Hybrid-Sli became available in the bios when I added this card... I used it for a couple of years... recently I upgraded my home theater MOBO and used this one to build my Niece a PC... I bought a Zotac 8400GS low profile to install and moved my 9800gtx to my Office PC. (it is a half high case and the 9800GTX won't fit)

    I THOUGHT the 8400GS would again allow the BIOS selection.. but it remains grayed out... I am not sure whether it depends on the brand or model, but I was under the impression ALL 8400GS's would work... I live in the Houston Tx area and bought this card from Directron, which is about 25 miles away. I am going to call their tech support tomorrow to see if they can shed any light on this issue. I do find it strange though, that any 8400GS I look at online does not mention being Hybrid SLi capable...

    I will post back when I get some info.

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