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RAM help Please :(

Hi everyone,

I am very clueless when it comes to computers, I only know very basic numbers so I need advice from you all experts :)

I guess before I ask my question, I should post my computer's specs:

i7-960 3.2 ghz
Gigabyte x58A-UD3R
EVGA GTX 460 @ 768 mb
Corsair XMS3 3 x 2 GB (6 GB total) DDR3 1600

** i'm not sure what other info would be **

My computer was very fast when it was first built, but I've noticed it's gotten considerably slow lately - it's probably because I have more stuff on it now my question is, is 6 gb still good for a little bit? Or should I take advantage of the cheap prices of DDR3 now and upgrade to 16 GB? I do moderate gaming: I used to WoW a lot but have quit. I run SC2 and crysis 2 sometimes; I will be playing GW2 and CS:GO in the near future. I also play Magic 2013 but I don't think that requires that much ram...

I was looking at some ram on, and found this:

Under Tech Specs, it says DDR3 1600 voltage 1.65v. When I was reading my motherboard manual, it says memory supported is 1.5v and DDR3 2200/1333/1066/800 MHZ. So my other question is, would this RAM work with my motherboard? I read that stock setting for it is 1333 -- if the RAM is meant for OCing, should I look for something else instead? I did read the reviews and one of the customers has the same mobo as me and the ram worked fine for him. However, he didn't specify what speed hes using :(

Any help / advice you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated!! And I apologize if this post is long-ish :3

In addition -- since i'm already posting here, might as well ask my other questions. If this breaks forum policies, just tell me to post somewhere else ~ thanks so much!!

will my GTX 460 last for another year or two? Should I upgrade??

Also my computer has recently started locking up upon startup sometimes -- but if I let it sit for a while, ~30 minutes, it'll become unfrozen. I don't know what is causing this -- it starts up fine in safe mode; I have tried uninstalling programs I thought may have caused it but no luck. I read windows update may have been cause of it -- but I have tried a system restore and also no luck. Also ran memtest and the ram is fine :o. My gfx card used to give me errors but it hasn't lately, so it's probably not the issue....?

Again, thank you so much for putting up with my questions, and I would be grateful for any help!
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  1. Get this one instead. Quality and stability : )

    Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 12GB (3 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory w/FrostByte Heatsink Model 998989

  2. Best answer
    The UD3R has had its fair share of issues. So one thing at a time.

    RAM ; the X58 is Tri Channel so it's best to stay with 3x_GB or 6x_GB kit or kits:
    $83.98 Corsair Vengeance 12GB (3 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 (9-9-9-24-2N @ 1.50v) Model CMZ12GX3M3A1600C9 -
    $84.98 Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 12GB (3 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 (9-9-9-24-2N @ 1.50v) Model 998995

    GPU ; the GTX 600 series is my pick and either the EVGA or ASUS GTX 670's and 2GB is fine for a single 1xHD monitor 1920x1080:
    $426.48 EVGA 02G-P4-2678-KR GeForce GTX 670 FTW 2GB -
    $421.48 EVGA 02G-P4-2670-KR GeForce GTX 670 2GB -
    /$30 gift card
    $442.98 ASUS GTX670-DC2-2GD5 GeForce GTX 670 2GB -

    Now what you can do is to re-purpose the GTX 460 as a Dedicated PhysX GPU. As far as lasting, the GTX 460 is a weak GPU for higher details and sustained frame rates, and playing games you must already know the limits. Having lower details is like gaming on the Xbox. Also, 8GB is the minimum ideal amount of memory so the safest and simplest solution is a 3x4GB on the X58.

    Next as far as problems, open the Event Manager and look for [+]Critical errors if you see the same problem time after time then re-install the drivers or app(s) -- other than Kernel-Power 41 (63) errors which can be from many things (memory, corruption, or hardware).

    Event Manger:

    1. Run MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic mode if that corrects the problems then you either have corruption of a startup item or a conflict.
    2. Run MSCONFIG and first select Normal startup but then Services tab check [X] Hide Microsoft services then uncheck [ ] all other items AND under Startup tab also uncheck [ ] all other items.
    3. Create a bootable CD/DVD or Flash Drive of Memtest and run untill you see any errors or pass if 4-Passes complete without any errors; link v4.20
    4. Drive any System corruption, schedule both options shown below. Every 4-6 months it's a good idea to run both tasks:
  3. GTX 460 it will run out of the breath with the new games that are coming, but it will do fine with some lower detail.
  4. thank you to you both!! I will try the solutions and check out those parts~~ <3
  5. I was there a huge difference between the FTW edition and the regular on GTX 670? I noticed the slight difference in core / boost clock, I'm not sure how much the difference of these numbers affect gaming...
  6. The difference is the Default clocks, the solution is to use an OC app like MSI Afterburner - <or> buy a pre-OC GPU or a totally non-reference GPU like the ASUS listed which IMO offers better cooling + an OC App.

    It depends on IF you're into OC'ing and IF you're okay with running MSI Afterburner. I chose the best for the buck GTX 670's. I OC.

    Keep in mind OC adds heat along with added performance. The GTX 670's once OC can perform on par with the GTX 680's but @ a lower price! ;)
  7. I don't know anything about OCing...:(

    Which card would you get? If OCing is easy thru an app, then I could learn to do that :o

    Would I need extra cooling systems for OCing?
  8. Q - What Case do you have?

    Reason, the ASUS with the DirectCU II are fine IF you have a good air flowing i.e. Gaming case; i.e. cools the GPU but heats up the case. Otherwise the Reference GPU's from EVGA are better exhausting the hot air out of the case.

    Gaming case then the ASUS GTX670-DC2-2GD5.
    Desktop case then the EVGA 02G-P4-2678-KR GTX 670 FTW.
  9. Umm...I have an Antec Sonata Proto Black :3
  10. That's a Desktop case so either of the EVGA's would be best.

    Example of a Gaming case Corsair 500R -
  11. Damn i knew i should have picked a gaming case instead :(

    I wanted something more sleek and less tacky lol >_<

    Gaming with a desktop case is still fine right? :3
  12. IDK, running hours at a crack I've little doubt things will be toasty inside. Here's a review with some temp data and it's not horrible -

    You can if needed remove the side panel or even mod the case with some additional fans if you're handy, have a Jigsaw & Dremel and don't have a problem buying some fans and fan covers.

    Only one fan with no spaces for more
    Not compatible with graphics cards longer than 10.5"

    The EVGA fits @ 10" - :)
  13. Hmm, would you recommend upgrading to a gaming case?
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