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So my dads HP Athlon X2 is starting to die and was wondering about some building options. There are two routs I can go,

1. Use a Amd phenom x4 9600 that I have laying around, buy a new amd2+ motherboard, hdd, maybe psu. Prob re-use the 4gb of ram and the cheap graphics card.
2. Build a new am3 set up, but then I have to buy the same stuff plus cpu and ddr3

He is only using it for internet, spreadsheets, some simple photo editing etc, so I know the phenom 9600 will be more than enough, but is it worth it to upgrade to ddr3? Will he notice a difference?
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  1. First what is the budget? also a intergrated graphics card is all he need's. And much rather go with a althon x2 again there great for what he needs it for.
  2. Budget doesn't matter too much, just would like to make it as cheap as i can. But i will reuse the graphics card that I already put in his current system b/c he like the dual monitor set up a gave him. So you would say reuse the althon even though the phemon is just gathering dust?
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    gonemtbiking123 said:
    So my dads HP Athlon X2 is starting to die and.............


    Chances are it needs a software spruce up , and that the hardware is fine .

    Buy him a new hard drive , back up all his files and reinstall windows
  4. Outlander_04 said:

    Chances are it needs a software spruce up , and that the hardware is fine .

    Buy him a new hard drive , back up all his files and reinstall windows

    Is it prob just the HDD? I just did a fresh install of windows 7 (aftermarket w/o the bloatware) and its still running shotty. So it could be just a dieing HDD.
  5. Usually cpu/mb/ram either run , or they dont

    If its slow to load programs and boot then suspect the hard drive
  6. A CPU will literally just die not start "dying", you can tell if a CPU is dead by if it says so in the bios you have no cpu. And yes does sound like a HDD, all he needs is a 500gb or 320 with 7200 RPM drive and install windows 7. and maybe you could tweak his system with a new PSU and a geforce 9800gt for that editing plus HD videos and if he plans to game laster :p No don't upgrade to ddr3 there is no need, because if he is basic user and not a gamer he doesn't need ddr3 ddr2 is fine. Random Acess Memory is calculated in speed by MHZ the higher the MHZ is the faster the module is. 800 MHZ ddr2 ram is the best for him I would give him no more than 3 or 4 gigs of ram for his needs.
  7. I guess I worded my original post poorly, I meant that the whole computer was starting to act weird, I know that the cpu wouldnt be dying, but I didnt know if the motherboard could be. Just ordered a spinpoint f3. The graphics card I have in there I think is fine for him (doesnt have a hd monitor even). But would the PSU be a worthwile upgrade? It just has the crummy stock one that HP put in it.
  8. Same thing as a CPU a mother board just doesn't start dying it dies. It can be the HDD and oh and nice HDD choice. If the HDD didn't work it would be a dying PSU because HP gives you crappy PSU's that collect all dust, hell wouldn't be supriesed if there was a bug or two in the PSU if the hdd didn't work. And there is a triple monitor setup... get a card like a ati 5750 and use eyefinty!
  9. Thanks for the info, but he can barely fit 2 monitor as is. Thanks for the tip about the PSU, may pick up a new one and just throw it in. Ya I love the F3's...too bad seagate bought Samsungs HDD department. I already had one in my system and picked up another for raid 0 a couple days ago ($52 shipped). They have been on sale a lot lately so I think they are getting rid of their current stock (F4's are already gone on the egg). Its a shame, samsungs were my favorite HDD's.
  10. Any cheap, low power PSU's that you would recommend? I was looking at
    Read this one sometimes goes on sale for sub $20
  11. Perfect PSU. It is a green a good PSU and will NEVER go past 430watts.
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