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Help with SATA connector issues

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November 9, 2011 3:56:51 AM

Bear with me as I am new here. I've tried searching the web far and wide, but I can't find anyone to share my frustrations with. Here goes:

I have never modded a computer in any way before. Yet as it was time to buy a new computer I made a bit of a knee jerk decision to engage in doing so at Best Buy. I had bought an HP Pavillion, something I'm sure most of you would frown upon, and I wanted to put 2 gb of video memory in it as a first step. Maybe the next computer would be built from the ground up if I could do these basic things with this one. The people told me that I needed a new power supply to do that as well and since I was still under budget I rolled with it. Some quick research online showed that they were right and I begin watching tutorials on how to install the card and switch out the power supplies.

It all started very well. The card was very easy to add. It was very easy to physically unhook and remove the power supply as well as to put it back in. Connecting the motherboard and processor was simple too. However, when it came time to complete the last step in connecting the SATA drives, I am baffled. The connections simply do not fit. They are very close, but they just will not click in. The power supply is a Dynex and I have read terrible things in trying to figure out what is happening, but no where do I read their SATA connectors will not fit into the corresponding ports. To make sure I was unlikely to be at fault I reconnected the old power supply SATA cords and they snapped right into place. Are these not universal or am I doing something terribly wrong?



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November 9, 2011 4:20:56 AM

Take the Dynex back to the store and get something from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, or XFX instead.

While the Dynex (Best Buy brand) isn't terrible, it does just barely perform within mandatory specifications and even slight aging would push it out of specifications on the important 12v rails.

I do think it is odd that the cords won't even connect, but I doubt the problem would exist on one of the more quality PSU types I mentioned above.

The hard drive connection points should be universal, but I suppose it is possible that proprietary pc manufacturers like HP could have done something stupid like altering that connection point in some sort of effort to get you to only buy HP parts when you want to upgrade things (at 2x the price too most likely). Even then, I would say that its 99% likely this isn't the case. Usually when these companies do such stupid things it isn't by messing with hard drives.