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I think a Microsoft Tech accidentally deleted an ATI display driver while trying to rid my computer of a virus. I have a laptop that I am using with an external monitor. The laptop monitor and the external monitor used to have the identical display. Since the virus repair,the displays are very different. The laptop monitor has my regular desktop with icons. the external monitor has my desktop (although smaller than it used to be) but it has no icons at all! I am able to drag and drop icons between monitors. Microsoft claims that they can't help because I am missing a driver. Does anyone know where I can get the appropriate driver?
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  2. How about your laptop manufacturer?
  3. Since this is a laptop, the first place to check for drivers is your laptop manufacturer. If that fails, then go to

    -Wolf sends
  4. Look in control center/ displays. Sounds like you got switched to extended mode from duplicate, or cloned, mode.
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