Windows 7 on Broken Motherboard

I had a p67a-gd53 that broke so i bought a new one and the win 7 licence passed on to the new one but if i sell the broken one and someone manages to fix it and they use the motherboard does the licence go back to that one if some just installs win7 on it or do they need need the activation key,because switching to new one didn't ask to type that key again it just activated
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  1. Don't worry, u are good. The key OEM licence is tied up to mobo and OS.

    If u sell the old mobo, it will be without the windows.

    Your system will remain activated.
  2. Assuming, that u got exact same mobo :" )
  3. i got a different motherboard a z77
  4. BTW, is it OEM or Retail Windows?

    Did they came in the box?
  5. Was that windows activated on that first mobo?
  6. it was retail and was activated on the p67
  7. Than its just fine for u.

    Retail can be installed many times and the only last activation stands : )
  8. so it sticks to the hdd
  9. No. The mobo is the main piece of HW.

    U are making a clean install, don't you?
  10. no i just booted no clean install
  11. U are depriving yourself of better performance,

    possibly some driver conflicts down the road.
  12. nope its all good
  13. Many users have problems later.

    Later they admit, that they have done what u did : )
  14. For now.
  15. if they use the old mobo the would have get a new activation code
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