Phenom II X4 955BE Temps

@stock clocks:

Idle: 37C - 46C / Load: 55C - 61C

using Cooler Master Hyper TX3 CPU Cooler and the bundled paste.

my case is CM Elite 310.

Should i worry with my temps?
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  1. 61C is close to maximum safe temp, but if it doesn't get any higher you should be fine.

    I have the same processor but with a Cooler Master Hyper 212+.

    Ambient room temp: 25-30C
    Idle Temp: 26-31C avg.
    Load Temp: 34-46C avg.
  2. The temps are not dangerously high but they are higher than they should be, my C2 Phenom x4 (Unlocked 550BE) got to only 44C @3.1GHz and 59C @ 3.7GHz (voltage 1.48) with room temp of 21C using a TX3. You could have bad case airflow, or the cooler was not installed as well as it could have been, or your CPU voltage could be very high, or your room temps are in the 30s.
  3. I already tried re seating the cooler, i think its properly seated, haven't tried replacing paste, maybe the TX3 cant handle the heat of a 125W CPU, i like the Hyper 212+ but it will not fit on my case Height must be 150 or below, so i will pick the Deep Cool Killer Whale Premium, what do you think with that cooler?
  4. I would expect the stock cooler to give better results than what you have and the TX3 is better than that by alot. I read 1 review of the Deep cool and it looks OK most likely better than the TX3.
  5. i tried tounching the base mo my hsf, its not hot though the coretemp is reading 46C, do u think this is a bug of the sensors?
  6. Try HWMonitor and post a picture
  7. i just figured it out,. its just the temp sensors of my BIOS, its inaccurate, so i have to update the BIOS, my friend has the same mobo, and this is what he said.

    Thanks for your answers guys. Thread Closed. :wahoo:
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