Please help me find a cooling fan that will work with the crosshair iv

I have a asus crosshair iv formula with patriot memory. the memory has heat spreaders.
i had the corsair h70 cooler but i had nothing but trouble ever since i bought it. i think it was defective. constant cpu error lights. and constent reseating.
i then bought a aftermarket zalman cpu cooler and i had to change my memory to the 3rd and 4th slot because it was really big.
the gap inbeetween the heatsink and the memory is small on this motherboard

my questionsm is what is a recommended cpu cooler that will overclock my 1055t cpu and not have a issue with the memory slots on the asus crosshair iv formula >?

i had nothing but problems with watercooling and dont ever want that again. i want air cooling,

please help.
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  1. i am looking to buting one tommerow if someone has a asuscroshair iv and ram with heatsinks , a good cooler to overclock
  2. The H7O is a very decent cooler. You should have sent it back if it was defective, but, from I feel is, you made the mistake of not setting it up right in the very first place...It must be one of the easiest closed loops to setup....
    Maybe you plugged the pump into the wrong socket, and had the quiet n cool thing set at a different level....
    I really can't say not until you first trouble shoot with the H70.
    Other wise a Hyper 212+ seems to be the hot favorite around here.
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