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I have 2 graphics cards on my Dell 4550 computer. A GForce 5500 AGP card and a GForce 6200 PCI card. The monitor doesn't work when attached to the 6200. The 5500 doesn't work when I use GameMaker and on certain video games etc. That is why I got the 6200. What could be the problem that the new card won't run the monitor?
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  1. Probably because your system doesn't recognize the PCI card as a graphics card so long as the AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) is populated. Rather than adding the 6200 PCI card, what you probably should have done is replace the AGP 5500 with an AGP 6200. If you can return/exchange the PCI 6200 for an AGP 6200, that would probably be your best bet. If you cannot return/exchange it, try removing the 5500 from the system and power back up with only the PCI 6200 installed.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I agree mostly.

    You may have options in the BIOS which give you further choices about which card (PCI or AGP) to check first, although there's no point in having both installed at the same time).

    Still, with only one card installed (as it should be) the computer has only one choice.
  3. Your 6200 doesn't work because you have the 5500 installed.
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