The Heavy Hitters of the Tom's Hardware SETI Team

Ok, I have only been saving the stats for about 9 days now and here is our heavy hitter Top 5. Later on I will do the next 10 or so, then the dead weight at the bottom and then full blown stats with graphs later on. This is a warning to the dead weight not producing any units. If you don't want to be singled out do just one unit in the next few days. :-) Doesn't matter what PC you have I think you can do 1 unit in 3 or 4 days.

By the way remember if you go on vacation over the holidays use a chache program like SETi driver. If you want to know more about it post here and I or someone else will let you know all about it.

Here goes.

1. jeffg007 177 WUs currently in 10th Place on the Team
2. Steelrain 166 WUs currently in 28th place on the Team
3. galanz 164 WUs currently in 1st Place on the Team
4. Kuff 116 WUs currently in 11th Place on the Team
5. worrywort 82 WUs currently in 2nd Place on the Team

I did a modest 58 units but there were alot of people with about this many work units over the 9 days. Just to mention I think next on the list at #6 was E.A. Streuli with 71 WUs over that same period.

Don't give up if you are plodding along with only 1 every two days or even less. I would guess that every one of the guys in the Top 5 of WU unit productivity are running at least two machines. Seti is running on 4 PCs under my name in the Stats and I still couldn't keep with Steelrain who blew by me and has sinced passed no less than 10 people in that time. Anyway, the most important thing is productivity of any kind. Every bit counts towards the SETI@Home project and our Team's stats. Now is also a good time to ramp up before we get lots of new members ahead of Tom's support.

If your work unit productivity is not what you expected try turning off the Screen Saver setting if it is on to have it run all of the time if you are using the Graphical version. Better yet switch to the Command Line Version. Any questions just ask.

We will have a real Tom's Hardware Guide SETI page soon. Perhaps after the holidays. Tom should also lend his support around that time as well. Hopefully. Fredi is helping to put together the page and he has assured us of Tom's support.

Michael aka THGMAN

Check all of the stats and join the Team here.'s+hardware+guide
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  1. I'm running version 3.03 WIN98 GUI now and it almost doubled my time per WU from the 2.04 WIN98 GUI version.

    SETI@Home made 3.03 so it would do more science on each WU like checking for pulses. In addition to checking the signals better, this will also save them bandwidth. I'm going to keep running 3.03 because my priority is the science. If your priority is numbers of WU, keep running the older versions until they make you switch.

    Also, if you run the GUI version in screensaver mode, make sure you set it to blank after a minute or so. This will give you faster times. To do this: right click your desktop, click properties, choose screensaver tab, click settings, check go to blank screen and set the time, click ok, click apply.
  2. If anyone is running the GUI version, I would suggest they switch and run the Command Line Version through the using the SETI Driver program. This has greatly improved my times and the ability to cache the work units helps if my connection to the internet is not stable, the SETI Driver program just keeps working on the units that it has already downloaded. Perfect for when I am away from my PC for a while.

    The Command Line 3.03 version of the CLI version i386-winnt-cmdline.exe: 3.03 seems faster to me than the 2.04 version of the GUI. So with this you get your science and your speed and with SETI Driver you get the ability to Cache work units.

    If you like the GUI version, use whichever one you prefer, 2.04 for speed or 3.03 for the Science. However, I do not recommend you use the screen saver at all. You should set the settings --> preferences -->> Under Data Analysis set it to Data Analysis Always Runs, then under Network Connection set it to Connect Automatically. This way your PC won't be idle while waiting for the next unit to be downloaded. Better yet, use the SETI Driver program I was talking about.

    After doing this, you still need to go to screen saver to set it to none as the Default is always to use the SETI program as the Screen saver.

    Right click your desktop, click properties, choose screensaver tab, click settings, use the Pull Down Menu for the Screen saver, set to NONE, click ok, click apply.

    That screen saver thing really slows you down, even if you set it to only one minute, you don't really need it, and if you want to see the pretty graphical display, you can just click on the icon and watch the display for a while then close it again as it uses unnecessary CPU power.
  3. I know what you mean about the time doubled :(. I been running the version 3.03 WIN98 GUI at work because it is a lot easyer to get around the proxy server. I got to get the command line to work with the poxy server.

  4. Nice I like the stats. I was running like 6-7 pcs but now I'll be down to 4 or 3. I should be number 5 before xmas! Keep up the good work. Have a merry Christmas.

    Seti forever!

  5. In a recent look at the stats that I have been saving it seems that KUFF 105, Scarecrow 103 and Steelrain 97 are producing the most units.

    This is for a 4 day period from January 1 to January 5.

    I will do more detailed stats this weekend when I have more time.
  6. I got my eye on Kuff,
    He's catching up quickly.
  7. Not bad .. <b><i>ONLY</i></b> two Wu behind me. :wink:

    "I am the ultimate badass.. state of the badass art! You do not wanna [-peep-] with me!"
  8. I have a feeling you'll be passing me up quickly since I'm loosing a lot of the systems I had running Seti on. That at least gives me time to get my average back down.
  9. Hey Michael, any chance of you posting some updated stats? A couple of my systems stopped processing over Xmas, and I wasn't around to check them.
  10. Sorry for the delay but I wanted to do like some of the other Seti sites do their stats and give you all of the graphs, and details, but I am not very good at using Excel Spreadsheets. I asked my assistent to help, but she is busy lately with other work to do the Seti Stats. If any of our SETI people are pros with Excel, maybe they could manipulate the stats into work unit productivity and graphs and whatever else we want to analyze. The files so far are for about 20-30 days are almost 1MB only unzipped, so they should travel by email quite easily? Can someone help with this?

    A couple of my systems stopped running as well, so I am curious too.
  11. ya my computers at work all stopped. Man I was dragging ass.

  12. I can check what i can do .. but i only want to know one thing... how many Wu Steelrainn make a day !!!


    "I am the ultimate badass.. state of the badass art! You do not wanna [-peep-] with me!"
  13. I just took a look at the last 46 hours. Kuff is really the Ultimate baddass of our team for the moment. He did 92 units in just 46 hours and maybe one while I was writing this email. :-)

    Galanz, I will check what you did since Christmas, but in the last 46 hours you are number two in productivity with 60 work units completed. Steel Rain you did 39 and Jeff, you are dragging.

    I think a lot of us might have gotten hit with the message to upgrade our version or something? Three of the 4 PCs I am using now are stopped until I get the time to change them over to the new version of the software. :-) Gosh I think it only takes a few minutes. I will switch to using SETI Driver on all of the PCs because I like the ability to Cache work units over the holidays and disconnect the ADSL line for security.

    Lets see if I can get those stats done tomorrow.
  14. Oh yea, I forgot about Scarecrow! Sorry man, you did 46 work units, in 46 hours.

    The rest of the 82 members, you will all know soon. Sorry for leaving the rest of the people out.
  15. Thanks for the update, Kuff is really kicking, it's great to have someone like him on the team. I was averaging about 25/day, but I've added a p3-733 since.
  16. Thanks for the update.
    So how much time do you invest into this little project of yours?
  17. eheheh Not bad. I guest that's my Quad PP200 that give me all this power .. M hua ah ah ah ... Oh.. and guest what ? I'm 5th .. :cool: ... Watch out Scott.. I'm commmmming..

    "I am the ultimate badass.. state of the badass art! You do not wanna [-peep-] with me!"
  18. Let's go bwahahahaha

    5 Machines from c366 to Tbird 800 going 24/7.... sweeeeeet :)

    if I can get past the school's proxy, I will have SETI@home running on ~50 on total, 24/7 :)
  19. without me you'd have 26% of 1% less work units then you already have! ;)
  20. What?
  21. "if I can get past the school's proxy, I will have SETI@home running on ~50 on total, 24/7 :)"

    This comes off the seti page.

    The last setting is Proxy. Most users will bypass this setting. This is for computers, that connect to the Internet through a Proxy server. Click the Proxy server button and check the type of server that you connect through. Fill in the name of the server and port number and then click ok. For example, many users have a PC at work that they would like to run this on. Most likely your company PC has the Internet connecting through a Proxy server. Most users don't know what the name of the server or port number is but there is a trick on how to get that server name. If you either connect to the Internet with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape then you can get the name of the Proxy server.

    In Microsoft Internet Explorer Click --> tools --> Internet Options --> Connections Tab --> LAN Settings... There you will see the name and port of your Proxy server.
    In Netscape click --> Edit --> Preferences --> Click the + beside advanced --> proxies. There you will see the name and port of the Proxy server

  22. errrrr Autoproxy
  23. OK, I have had a break-through in that I now know how to use Excel better. Hard to believe I got through life this long without being able to use Excel very well. I am compiling all of the stats into the excel document and will have it all analyzed and formatted to put up on our SETI page. I will ask Fredi (webmaster) to have the SETI page link viewable from within the Distributed Computing Forum. So that you don't have to wait for the charts, I will first post the numbers in here. I should be able to post somethng within 24 hours.
  24. Cool, That'll be great. If I knew Excel better I'd offer to help, but my skills there are somewhat lacking.
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