My company's webpage is hosted with our local isp. If i change the dhcp settings on my domain controller so that their (the isp's) ip address is ranked first in the dns server list, i can access the webpage. While their ip is first, accessing shared folders on my network takes very long and sometimes is impossible. When 'n move my domain controller's ip to the top of the list everything works smoothly, but i cannot access the webpage (all other types of internet access stays uneffected). What can i do to make things run smoothly on my intranet and access my webpage?
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  1. You should configure your companys DNS server at top and configure the DNS server to forward DNS for external URL to ISP's DNS server.
  2. I did that, it didn't work, so i added the isp's ip to the dhcp out of desperation. I'm not an expert with servers, but my logic tells me that all queries must be send to my domain controller, and those that cannot be answered (like internet) by it, must be forwareded to the isp.
  3. It worked for my company and my home network. Make sure you set it up correctly.
  4. The domain controller MUST be the first ip on the list of dns servers for clients that are joined to the domain or you will have one f'ed up domain.
    Do you have the DNS service setup on the domain controller correctly? It sounds like it isn't forwarding querys correctly. Check the ips you have set for forwarding.

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  5. I think i have set it up correctly, but it's not working correctly. Under properties -> forwarders i have entered the ip of my linux gateway and the isp's ip, in that order. I am not suppose to add anything in the forward lookup zones, am i?
  6. You only need to enter the address of your ISP's DNS servers' IP address. There is no need for your Linux Gateway's IP address.
  7. Does your website have the same domain name that your site is using?
    Such as the domain corpdomain.com and the website is www.corpdomain.com. The domain controller might be getting confused because it is trying to find the host www on the network. Try adding a new host to the forward lookup zone with the name www and give it the ip of your website.

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  8. It works! I added the host to the forward lookup zone, and voila! Thanx folken and thanx all for the help!
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