$1100 build, with monitor, hows it look?

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  1. Any chance you could find any of the high-shipping-cost items (i.e. monitor, case, and possibly PSU) in Hawaii to save yourself some shipping costs? That could give you more money to throw at better parts.
    A small thing to add on would be an after-market cooler for the CPU so that you could overclock it.

    It is a bit difficult to totally tear this apart without knowing what this is going to be used for...

    The first upgrade I would do if the money allowed would be upgrade to sandy bridge. The i5 2500k offers really nice performance, and overclockability, although it does cost a fair bit more than the 955BE
  2. Bah. Long response. Already purchased. :)

    However! This board does allow me to upgrade to bulldozer when it's ready and practical, so that definitely is an option. The aftermarket cooling I definitely need to get on.
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