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Hi, I am thinking of getting the Z77E-Mini ITX board from ASRock. I see that it has a DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort and only two of them can be used at a time (supposing I don't get a separate video card).

To use with this machine I will have one monitor that only connects by VGA, and one monitor that does DVI. Since I already have a VGA to DVI adapter, I think I should plug the VGA monitor into the DVI output, rather than getting another VGA adapter which would soon be obsolete.

For the other monitor, I guess I will need a DVI adapter. Will this work? Should I go for an HDMI or DP adapter? Do I need to be aware of "active" or "passive" in this situation?

Also, according to the manual, you need to run some ASRock software to get the dual monitors working... which I presume is Windows only. Has anyone managed to use dual screens with the onboard graphics only on Linux?
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  1. what CPU are you using because ivy bridges HD 4000 gpu can support 3 monitors on it's own
  2. 3770k, yes the GPU can but this mobo can't, apparently.
  3. linux does not support dual monitors. and forget using a dvi/vga adapter just get a cable some dongles get flonky. pages 24-26 in your manual pretty much explains everything that it is the drivers not any software you need to install from the CD.
  4. my distro supports multi monitor (ubuntu LTS 10.4)
  5. for a nVidia card you may get it going but for AMD is a hit or miss and good luck with that with intel HD 2/3/4000. seriously don't count on it.
  6. i've never had an issue with multi monitor on my AMD gpu's
  7. I have a z77e-itx with a 3570K (HD4000) working fine with 2 24 inch dell monitors using ubuntu 12.04.

    ...Using the DVI and Display ports.

    I have not been able to run 3 monitors yet with this setup using the HDMI port. Did not spend a lot of time trying.
  8. ^under the display setting, do you not have a "detect monitors" button? cause that should do it for you :P
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