DIMM and P8P67 MB

I have a question for the experts.

I have a P8P67 PRO REV 3.0 with a i2500k processor. The HyperCooler 212 heat sink blocks out the first DIMMS slot. I currently have 2 x 4 GB DIMMS. I just ordered 2 x 8 GB DIMMS to bump my system to 16GBS but was wondering if I could put in the 2 x 8 GB DIMMS and 1 of the 4GB DIMMS in at the same time?? I would have to skip the first DIMMS slot though so would have the following config.

Any help is greatly appreciate

DIMM Slot 1: Empty
DIMM Slot 2: 8 GB
DIMM Slot 3: 4 GB
DIMM Slot 4: 8 GB
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  1. One additional note:

    They are all 1600 speed and same brand.
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