$200 To spend on upgrades?

Ok, Got $190 to $210 to spend on System Upgrades.

Here are my current specs:

Biostar TP45 HP Mobo (HP doesnt mean Hewlett-Packard :P) Socket LGA775

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2mb L2 Cache Overclocked to 2.67ghz (Cooler Master X Dream 4 Barely better than stock CPU Cooler)

4GB G.Skill DDR2-1200 Ram

EVGA Geforce GTS 250 1gb GDDR3 (Overclocked) - Galaxy GT 240 1GB As A Physx Card

OCZ GameXstream 700w PSU (80 PLUS)

WD Caviar Blue 320gb 7200rpm 16mb Cache

Cooler Master Gaming Case

P.S I Will not Be Upgrading the Motherboard nor Ram.
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    If this was purely for gaming I would go with a GTX 460/6870 (or GTX 560 if you don't mind doing a rebate) and a good Cooler for the CPU if the money was burning a hole in your pocket, but it wouldn't be a huge upgrade. I might sit on it and wait for a while atm.
    If you use your computer for other things, I would definitely pick up a SSD instead
  2. the 6870

    and a cpu cooler that works
  3. The 6870 would be a good choice; it performs similarly to the 560Ti in most games and benchmarks, but is usually around $60-80 less.
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  5. Thanks everyone! I Have Decided to try to get a Core 2 Quad and A GTX 460 :D Thanks
  6. Make sure you get one with 1GB of video memory and is a regular 460 or the 460 SSC (EVGA only, I think). The 460 SE has fewer shaders and doesn't perform as well.
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