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GTS 250 overheating, please HELP?!

Playing with other games are fine, but my idle speed is 65 C other games like battlefield 2 only 75-80 C, when i play crysis i get 30fps average, but my temperature went up to 98 C, near boiling point.......My fans are working at 100% speed and temperature won't go down...i think it's dust problem, but can you tell me other possible things? i have 3 fans, psu fan, cpu fan and gpu fan. My case is large so should be airflow problem..i live in new york city and temperature right now is about 30 C...My cpu are fine, idle temperature is 40 C and maximum is only 73 C even in crysis.
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  1. Those are high temps, both CPU and GPU. If you think it might be a dust problem, open the case and blow it out. If you only have those 3 fans, I'd get some case fans and add them while you have it open.
  2. My cpu are fine, except my gpu....
  3. Quote:
    My cpu are fine, idle temperature is 40 C and maximum is only 73 C even in crysis.

    40c is high for an idle temp, and 73c would be the CPUs throttle point. Trust me, you have a big temp problem.
  4. I have no ac and my enviroment is really hot like 90 F, in the winter my maximum temperature for my cpu is like 55 C and idle like 33 C.
  5. And? Your ambient temp is 32.2c. Even if you allowed a 30 degree raise in temps, you should only be at 62c for your CPU. You said you were at the throttle point of 72. Going by what you said, you have a temp issue with both your CPU and GPU. I have no idea why you think you don't have a temp issue with your CPU, but I'm trying to tell you you do.
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    Turn off your PC, remove the power cable, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust form inside. Post after you did this with the new temps.

    Take out the CPU cooler and reapply the thermal paste after you removed the old one. Use quality thermal paste.

    You can reapply the thermal paste on the GPU die also. That voids your warranty. So that's up to you.
  7. Since i don't have much experience on cleaning and removing...i rather send it back to where i bought it, cause they have a special offer for every pc u buy from them, they will clean your PC and repair software for free.
  8. dam ima send it soon, right now my idle temperature is 60 C=GPU and my duo core is 55 C=#1 and 54 C =#2 core, dammmmm o..o
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