New asrock z77 extreme4 mobo missing pin

Doing my first build and noticed some type of pin/screw is missing causing the part to hang off. I'm not 100% sure what it even is. I'm hoping I can just purchase a new one at the store. Here are a couple pics of what I'm talking about .

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  1. The bottom pic is fine.
  2. Actually its all good. Take a look at this picture. I lightened it up.

  3. If its hanging off as you say, yes I would probably RMA it rather than finding something that will fit.
  4. Its on all of those mobos.
  5. sorry, should have been more clear. These are just pics from google, but my mobo is missing that pin that I circled and I'm not too sure what it's holding on what the name of the pin is.
  6. OK, that is MIA all right : )
  7. Call up ASrock, they may simply opt to send you one rather than putting you through the RMA process.

    Probably worth looking through the box to see if it somehow fell out and rolled into a corner though.
    Also check and make sure there's nothing busted underneath it if you can safely do so, it may also need a bit of thermal paste or something.
    (It also may simply be decoration).
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