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Last week, I built the $500 Gamer PC from September's article. It includes the same parts, except the case, PS, and HD, which were reused from an earlier build. I have discovered that the CPU fan will not automatically slow down, no matter what the PCU/core temp is. I am using SpeedFan to check the temps and control the fan speed manually. I have tried to activate the automatic fan speed control through the BIOS, but the ASRock setup says the cool'n'speed only works with a fan that has four wires. The AMD-supplied does have four wires, and I have confirmed that it is connected properly. Is this a fan problem, or a MB problem?

Thanks a bunch,
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Reset your BIOS to default, remove the RAM and battery for 10 seconds and try again.
  2. Thanks, I just tried this but the setup screen (BIOS) still says for the hardware monitor to work I have to have a CPU fan with four wires (which I do).
  3. Can you contact to ASRock? I'd suggest a RMA but is better have the "official" answer since your fan is 4-pins and PWM.
  4. SOLVED! Mostly. I tried a couple of other things, such as remove & reseat components, and various BIOS settings. What seems to work best is to use the PS fan connection lead to the mobo PS fan connection socket. I had thought the fan lead from the PS was supposed to connect to another fan, like a case fan. But instead it looks like a signal line to the mobo so the mobo can detect or monitor the PS fan.

    Even though the PS fan speed wasn't the problem, having the mobo "aware" of the PS fan seems to let it reduce the cpu fan speed when the cpu cools down. It still takes a while.

    Thanks for the ideas!
  5. Excellent, glad to here that's fixed. Can we close the thread?
  6. Yes, please do.
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