Cheap Motherboard for i5 2500 (buying in 2days)

PSU: 400w, No cooler/heatsink
Other devices: 19inch 1360*768 res monitor, 9400gt (i know its backdated), No optical drive, 500gb HDD.
Sole purpose of the computer: Gaming(mid-range since I own poor graphics card.) Games like FIFA 13 especially..

Price Range for motherboard: < Rs. 5500 (5500/- is max, preferably around Rs.5000)
Should run i5 2500 smoothly.. Recently reconsidered against buying 2500k/3450 just for having a mobo which can run the processor SMOOTHLY in around 5grand. Budget tight. Buying in next 48-72 hours

Also an out of topic question (optional to ans).. I've absolutely nothing to do with my 9400gt. Cant afford a new graphics card immediately. Cant even sell the 9400gt.. so should I pair it with my i5 2500 or the effort is useless since it already has intel hd 3000? (Note: better to let it unused or plug it in? wont do it if it doesnt help even remotely)
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  1. cheaper lga 1155 mobos are the h61/h67/b75/h77 chipsets. of the mobos, look for the one that fits your needs: needs include

    1. check compatible ram speeds
    2. # of specific pci slots
    3. Number of sata 2.0 and sata 3.0(this is important if you ever invest in ssd)
    4. # of ram slots
    5. maximum alotted ram
    6. software benefits

    the lowest you can go is an h61 chipset, but it is barebone and if barebone is what you need, then thats the choice to go.
  2. I'll be going for 1x 4gb 1600mhz initially, later adding an identical one
    I wont be buying online.. This is the only site I buy from:
  3. Sandeep Roy said:
    I'll be going for 1x 4gb 1600mhz initially, later adding an identical one
    wont be buying online other than this site:

    any choice from the above link(in rs. 5500) will be helpful,,

    essentially these boards are the ones that follow your budgetand are compatible:

    list 1
    list 2
    List 3

    pick one out that fits your needs. since you will have 1600 timed ram, look for motherboards that support that speed.
  4. Thanks.. though i cant find any that supports 1600mhz, but 1333mhz wont be any problem. Still unable to figure the best in the stock for my budget..
  5. I had the same problem, If you are not overclocking then buy h61 but it doesnt have much features! For all the features and non overclocking motherboard buy B75 boards in the range 7000 rs. H61 are available for 3000Rs but i dont think they have SATA 6Gbps! I would suggest buying Core i5 3550. Its available in flipkart, because if you are buying B75, ivy bridge can make use of all features of B75.

    This seems to be the best available mobo for 6k, though its just out of my price range, I may consider this.. I dont plan to overclock, EVER.. As i said earlier, the choice of processor from i5 2500 to i5 3450/3550 depends on the price of motherboard which can run the processor SMOOTHLY..
    So if I pair ASUS P8B75-M LE & Intel 3.3 GHz FCLGA1155 Core i5 3450, will the system run smoothly? If I put a graphics card, will it still consider the intel HD 2000/3000?
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