Need help on Low Profile Graphic Card

hi guys.

first of all, my pc is this

I have slim type tower.
so I need low profile graphic card.
(I am not actually looking for mid, or regular size tower, I like to just keep it as slim, still looking for best possible option for graphic card out there)

I currently have Radeon HD5570, and I would like to upgrade to better one.

I did some research on 2011 low profile graphic cards and I found out about 2 best options, which are
LP GTS 450 & HD 5750

HD5750 is discontinued so I was trying to get LP GTS450, but because of my pc tower I can't fit that in.

Can anyone help me with choosing low profile graphic card??

I would really appreciate any help!

help the newb!

Thank you
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  1. Can anyone help me please?
  2. The HD 5750 and GTS 450 draws too much power than your 220w PSU (power supply) can provide; the GTS uses more power than the HD 5750. Attempting to run either of the two cards can cause the PSU to overload sooner rather than later. An overload can also damage at least one component in your PC and if you are unlucky, it will destroy your entire PC.

    Unless you upgrade the PSU you are stuck with the HD 5570. I wouldn't even recommend a HD 5670.
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