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I have a HP p6510f desktop that burned the integrated graphics chip according to HP troubleshooting over the phone. Options now seem to be to replace the motherboard and risk the same failure or replace the board and put in a separate video card. However the power supply is only 218 watts and it looks to me like that might have to be replaced if I'm going with much of a card. Maybe best to just scrap the HP cheap crap and start over. What about it?
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  1. I guess your warranty has expired?

    I am leaning toward scrap the cheap crap. In my experience, every Dell or HP that is not a workstation has used the crappiest possible components. You can almost definitely reuse your hard drive. You can probably reuse your CPU if that isn't what burned out. Maybe your RAM (if that isn't what burned out).

    I'm willing to bet you can build a system with equivalent specs (but better parts) for less than HP would charge you to fix a machine out of warranty.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm definately bummed over this HP garbage. Machine was only 3 months old when it happened. I got so ticked at their tech support hassles that I unplugged it and used a back-up for 7 months. They'll still replace the motherboard at their cost if I sit around the house and wait for a shipping box or pay $50.00 and wait around all day for an on-site tech to install or I can take it to Best Buy (not where I got it) and they will send BB a box and then I can make another trip to BB when they get it boxed up and pick it up and take it to Fed-Ex myself since BB only does business with UPS. That's according to BB and the HP supervisor. You can see from all of this hassle why I would be ticked at spending days of my time just to get this done. Not worth it for a $400.00 box with cheap parts that it seems likely will fail again. Thanks again for confirming my opinion.
  3. You are out of warranty at only 3 months? That is crap. I'm sorry.

    Will HP accept a return? There are folks on this forum that can help you whip up a build in no time. If you don't want a dedicated video card, they can definitely get you under $400.
  4. Quote:
    You are out of warranty at only 3 months? That is crap. I'm sorry.

    Will HP accept a return? There are folks on this forum that can help you whip up a build in no time. If you don't want a dedicated video card, they can definitely get you under $400.

    This! In fact I could help you! :)
  5. Why is HP not offering warranty replacement at only 3 months? That seems odd to me.
  6. It's not that HP wouldn't warranty at 3 months it's that I had to jump through all kinds of hoops instead of just dropping it off someplace. Nothing HP has told me so far has been true. Such as having an on-site tech replace the board. They told me it would be done at my convenience and when I wanted. So I agreed. Called the tech and he said HP was wrong and he works like cable TV. He'll name a day and will try to be there sometime that day. Then the shipping box lies and on and on. Screw HP. I have about 20 hours of my time invested in the problem with HP techs, supervisors, taking it to Best Buy at HPs' direction only to be told by BB that HP is blowing smoke up my butt. The real kicker was when it all first happened and I called HP tech support and they insisted that I open up the case and start disconnecting and reconnecting wires and pulling the memory etc. Although I do know what to do I was aghast that HP thinks that the customer should rummage around and possibly crack a board or get a static zap etc. and make a small problem worse. They refused to continue to troubleshoot or give a repair authorization unless I agreed to yank wires etc. I didn't buy a pre-made in order to have this crap. I just thought it looked like a bargain from Office Max for my business. No bargain by any definition. Since Best Buy Service Center is an authorized HP repair center I even suggested to the HP supervisor that they just let BB fixx it and HP pay them. No go they said it's either box it up and send to HP or wait around for their roving tech and pay for that myself. I explained that I travel for my business and leave at a moments notice. I can't just wait around for a day. When a call comes for me I have to go I can't tell people I'm waiting around for an empty box from Fed-Ex and they can't just leave it in the hallway of my building for weeks on end while I'm gone. I tried to even take the PC to their roving tech and he refused to let me bring it to him. He insisted I had to wait around for him. Screw HP. Any other tech product I've ever had an issue with all I had to do was call and get a repair authorization number and they directed me to take it to a place within a few minutes of my place. Done at my convenience on my schedule not at the convenience or schedule of the manufacturer.
  7. Back up your data and return your computer to Office Max (or wherever).

    Either buy a computer from a local store (BB, etc) or build one. If you buy local then at least you can take it in and get some service immediately and maybe get a temporary replacement. BB is actually pretty decent about this. (They loaned me a TV while they tried to fix mine).

    If you build then:
    1) You get *exactly* what you want
    2) You get way more for your money
    3) You know your machine inside and out
    4) If you spend 20 hours trying to fix it, at least that's 20 hours learning and doing something instead of 20 hours working through automated call systems or being put on hold or waiting for a call-back.

    *Disclaimer: Myself and many (most? all?) of the folks on these forums are biased against pre-built machines. So, know that when you consider our advice. :)
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