Help on trying to build a home theater laptop!

First and foremost my budget is sitting around a 1000$ currently; there is a little flex room, but not much. With this I'm trying to build a media laptop that I can hook to my 48" HD screen and stream movies, t.v., internet, ext... For starters I was planning on nothing under 2.3GHz (i7 or i5 core), built in blue ray, and 8GB RAM. Where I'm uncertain is the graphics card since I'm no expert on laptop cards. Does anyone have any suggestions on components I should be looking for? Or could I perhaps get a few suggestions as far as whole systems go?
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  1. Eh, I've seen some passable laptops for around that price. I was just worried about their capabilities to do what I want (the home theater). Why do I choose laptop over desktop you ask? Well mainly for space since it will be predominately sitting in the living room. Secondly I want to be able to unhook and take it around the house if need be. If I was going desktop then this would have been a no-brainer. I'm just ignorant as far as laptops go, so hence why I'm asking for help.
  2. To make things more clear I'm not using this for anything gaming related. Just pure movie/t.v. stream to a larger HD t.v. That's why I think a 1000$ is a reasonable price range for what I want. I just could use help on the GC selection, or the over all model if anyone knows a good deal.
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