Inno3d GT440 512 mb ddr or Inno3D GT430 igb ddr3 128bit hdmi

Im building my rig this weekend, ill be using it for some editing . still undecided on what graphic card should i use in my P8P67 mobo w/ core i5 2400 processor . iam choosing between the two models inno3d GT440 512 mb ddr or Inno3D GT430 igb ddr3 128bit hdmi? thanks...
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  1. That GT 440 is definitely better than the GT 430. Although both cards are weak, the 440 will be a little faster.
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    if your not using it for gaming then just get whatever is cheapest. If you want to play games, you can get a gts250 for about the same price but it is significantly faster.
  3. im not familiar on the gpu so thanks for the suggestions. MY rig will be use on some photo editing , animation using flash and some rpg games ..

    my current specs
    intel core i5 2400
    asus p8p67
    corsair 4gb 1333ddr3
    coolermaster gx 650
    inno3d ft440 512mb ddr5

    got limited budget.

    my plan is to buy either inno3d ft440 512mb ddr5 or inno3d ft430 1gb ddr3 hdmi.
    but if gts 250 is much better that my choice think i would go for it.
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