Turtle Beach Santa Cruz?

How is this card? I am thinking about getting it. Is it a 5.1 card?
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  1. yes it does Dolby Digital. Has surround speaker support. Reviews say it does 5.1 as well as the SBLivePlat5.1. You just don't get all the bells and whistles that you get with the creative card/
  2. It is better than the Creative Labs card. It also supports all of the current 3D Sound formats that exist. Creative instead emulates some of them. Compare them feature by feature and you see it is the better card and cheaper as well. Good luck...Chris
  3. The Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card that came with my Dell does NOT do 5.1 digital. It does support up to 6 speakers in analog mode (which sounds really good to me!). It has what they call a Virsajack. Besides the normal jacs for front, and rear speakers, it can be configured for speakers 5/6, or headphones, or "digital". It can do "virtual" 4.1 digital, but it does NOT have a SPDIF jack. Maybe that's what the virsajack is for? Check out thier web page for details.
  4. It is NOT better than the Creative Cards. The Creative Cards are the king of sound. sorry but they are
  5. Grizely, you sound very loyal. However, while their high end card may be arguably "the best" low end cards are dissapointing. Live value I have found to be far less flexable, and more likely to pickup interference from an agp bus than a monster mx300 which costs less and can do more. I don't know enough about the turtle beach cards to say, but I can say that creative lab cards are only kings when they cost over 60+ dollars.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  6. I'm talking about the LIVE! cards, not including "Value". I don't care about all those other crappy ones like PCI 512 or whatever.
  7. Haha, my ass... Aureal's (former) technology owns, end of story...

  8. btemple,

    The OEM Dell TBSC is not the same card as the retail TBSC.

    As always, OEM cards tend to lose a feature here, a feature there.

    The retail TBSC DOES do 6 channel (5.1) sound.

    However, it does use virtual 5.1 for games. True 5.1 is only supported for DVD.

  9. SBLive cards are the king of something allright. King of Crackle, King of Pop. King of "My driver has fallen down, and can't get up".

    I left SBLives a year ago and have never looked back since.

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