My pc is not working after attch 80 gb hard disk.

1.when i am attching hdd through sata cable computer is not booting.
2.without HDD pc is booting.
3.same HDD is working with another mother board.
4.again when i am attching HDD with my pc,
it is showing same result.
5. after changing sata & power supply cord
again it is not working.
6. it is showing like hang.
7. without HDD screen is opening normal,
as well as booting also.

kindly help me to resolve this problem.
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  1. When you add the 80 g hd is the other hd still in the computer?

    If yes, is a version of Windows on the 80g HD? If so the computer may be confused as where to boot from because of hareware conflicts.

    If no, if the 80g HD is from a different computer with different hardware the computer will not boot because the operating system incorporates information from the hardware.

    So need to reinstall windows if trying to use the 80g hd for a boot drive.

    If using as a data drive then just uninistall windows.

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