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I've had an ASUS M4A89GTDPRO and Phenom II 1090T for the past two years. Earlier this week, I noticed the CPU began overheating/turning off so I thought to re-apply some thermal paste (first time since assembly). When I unmounted the heatsink (Corsair Hydro H50-1), the CPU itself came out with it. The CPU was actually stuck to the heat sink instead of the CPU socket. Afterwards I could not get the CPU mounted on the motherboard. The socket lever wouldn't lock the CPU and the CPU socket and some of the CPU pins got damaged when I tried locking the CPU. I'm wondering what could have caused the CPU to get unmounted from the mobo socket in the first place? I'm fairly sure the CPU was assembled correctly. Could the heatsink itself have been responsible?
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  1. sorry i'm not used amd, i think it's your time to buy new stuff :D
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